Sony mdr xb600 review

41t0SqanAJL._SL1000_Sadly these headphones don’t appear to be the absolute best but sometimes you just need some cheaper ones that will do the job, these are from the Sony brand which normally produces a vast amount of quality but in this case after reading the online reviews it looks to me like they have let us down on this product.

One of the biggest issues is that the pads are very uncomfortable which sucks for people like me who enjoy gaming, working from home and of course watching funny youtube videos, for this you need a good set of headphones that are comfortable and won’t hurt your ears.

The sound quality is also pretty rubbish, sounds very tinny and not very clear so don’t expect much, the price range is pretty high also but I have to admit that I love the design, having another pair of Sony headphones myself I can see the appeal because they are really strong which good for me since I always tend to end up standing on them (whoops!).

I guess the biggest issue here is the ability to be able to afford these and to put your trust in the online reviews which have been mostly negative about this model but maybe you should try it out and see for yourself?



Win or have excuses

Winning is more about finding paths around problems that may arise and in life there are many, with so many things that can go wrong during any process it’s easy to see why few people will actually become a success.

So few nations have actually won the world cup because it takes a vast amount of time and effort for a nation to build a team they can field, it also takes timing and the right amount of luck sometimes to win big but as they say the more hours you put in the luckier you get.

Learning to look at those more closely will allow you to see the suitble differences between profit and loss and many other win/loss parts of any game in this life, being an expert on how to handle each of these situations is what you aim to be, having a solution for all problems in life.

Sometimes there is no right answer and you must go into the process and find out your failure points so that you can improve upon them but each year is about growth and how to provide a better process and hopefully get yourself in the winning column regardless of what your task may be.


Take into account the strategy

After watching a rather dull england game tonight and then playing a game of my favourite online poker I have discovered that long term strategy is perhaps the most important part of all business and in competition as well.

If you want to win then you must consider your strengths and weaknesses and make sure you understand a full picture of the task you are facing, being great at something usually requires 10,000 hours of practice, the main reason being that you have to make many many many mistakes in order to understand how to improve your process.

Process along with strategy are the 2 key elements to winning in the long term, if you want to win then you must attack what is weak and do things differently than your competitors, going up against a huge company will lead to big problems, being different and able to move quickly is an advantage that most small businesses have.

A big business can take a long time to produce things and get things done, this is usually because of the structure of the business and how many people you must run the decision past, being able to make moves quickly and staying in control of the situation is the ideal outcome for anyone who is thinking about either game theory or business – it’s always better to be in control than be re-active.

The art of snore

Part of accepting life is the understanding that it doesn’t come easily, in order for you to win you must have the patience, for example if you learn a new game people often say it can take 10,000 hours to become a master at your craft, whatever you decide to do it’s better to put in as many as possible.

You pick things up along the way but in my opinion your time is better spent studying the game upfront, if you want to get better at anything then studying the best in the world and what they do is often a great place to start, this is also known as “modelling” and it basically involves finding the person who is at the top of your field and really going for it in terms of finding out what they do differently than the rest.

Being different in this world can bring about problems and many will say that you should learn on your own at your own speed but most who are the best in the world simply don’t play by the same rules, they observe and think about what could go wrong and what is a better way to play the game.

Life is all just a game and getting to the next level is the objective, with so many fortnite addicts these days it’s strange to think how many people will be competiting in the digital space in the future, one thing is for sure, automation and the internet is going to create a huge amount of oppertunity for someone whos is willing to seize the day and start creating value.

Scaling – the art of more

Doing more does not always equal better results, part of the process of performing any task is in realizing what can be improved and what are the bottle necks, with so many people competing for a spot at the top these days you may be tempted to try and short cut the game to win, sadly this may work in the short term but in the long term you are only cheating yourself and the game.

Part of being the best at something lays in dedicated the unreal amount of hours that it takes to learn every single mistake and success that you can, scaling your winners should be the first thing that you do, learning from your mistakes as you go, part of winning is failing and learning what can be done better next time.

Many people fail to understand just how long it takes to really learn and master something, those who have made it to the top often forget to continue to put in the work that is needed to retain their place at the top, people who once had something of value tend to deminish because they achieve a goal and then don’t move the goal posts, they coast by and basically no longer have the enthusiasm and relentless energy that is required to actually win the game.

No matter what you do in life the goal is always to be the best at it, after you become the best you should seek to slowly eliminate all competition, some may see this as a ruthless task but really what you are attempting to do is to control more and more aspects of your process which should yield a better end result, having the relentless drive to get better at your craft each and every year is something that not many people can achieve, usually they are just not as obsessed as someone who really wants it badly.

The top 1% in any field are basically the ones that are willing to do whatever it takes to stay at the top and are leaders in the field, other firms/people are followers and simply can never understand why they are always lagging behind, trying to model and copy the top person can only get you so far, eventually you need to innovate in your process and find what you can bring to the game that others can’t compete with.

What do you do when the chips are down?

Almost everyone wants some kind of break in life but you can’t really grow as a person unless you explore the things that you fear, part of doing so is being a grown up and expecting yourself to deliver the best that you possibly can even when conditions are far from perfect.

Sometimes in life things don’t always go to plan and its ok to learn from your mistakes so you never make them again which is really the whole adult process and things that allow you to learn from past mistakes and leave your ego at the door.

Today I learned a hard lesson that sometimes things are just beyond your control and the only thing you can do is turn up to the game and play the best you can, often times others don’t see the value in what you are producing and at that stage you can either quit or increase your value to others, at some point you have to accept that maybe you are either not good enough and need to improve or people have unrealistic expectations which is again beyond your control.

So I guess the biggest question in life is are you able to work on the things you can control or is it all just a total random event and things happen by luck and chance, I personally believe that the more you work and put things out into the world the better chance you have of someone seeing the value and giving you what you want, a statement of intention is really a powerful thing in this world.

So the goal for today is really to start pushing out more things into the world and start making progress by solving problems, building relationships and dedicating yourself to improving your craft, it really is a worthwhile payoff to be making strides in your field by working on the core areas of improvement, maybe this means doing some work for free for a while so you can learn the ropes, maybe it means starting from scratch on a new product or maybe it means getting to know people in the office who can open doors for you, either way there is always something to work on.


A long way to the top

To me it seems almost impossible to get to the top of your industry without some kind of sacrifice, often times it may mean long hours and lonely nights which leaves behind those who are not dedicated to winning, for me its vastly important to learn as much as you can by trial and error, put simply you should be failing and then reworking your strategy.

To be honest the value in losing is really being on step closer to winning and discovering which part of the process you need to fix in order to have a much more complete level of game, only the elite level players are willing to put in the hours that is needed to be king of the jungle.

Like most things in life you can really tell who has put in the work and who was hoping to skate by on doing the bare minimum amount for the win, you have to remember that new players may enter your industry at any time and as a result you really need to be working even harder than when you started out, staying at the top requires more effort than getting to the top.

Results always seem to follow when you put in the hours on the right actions, sometimes people can work 18 hours a day but never see a result, this is normally where they discover a fault in the process and should correct course, this is what seperates a winner from a loser.

You need to start breaking down your process to multiple levels of work ethic and each seperate section will create brand new learnings and directly effect the other level most of the time, almost nothing in life occurs in complete isolation so learn to figure out how to deliver a better result by reworking your original assumptions and making sure each part of your process is as high quality as it can be.