Trying out a new TV show

One of the things I enjoy doing in my spare time is watching TV shows, netflix for me has been really great because it brings so many interesting and diverse shows that we wouldn’t normally get to see on regular TV.

I figured out earlier on that most regular TV shows have the same issues, they tend to copy whatever works with other channels, so you have one show thats a smash hit on a channel and then the other channel keeps the same formula but changes a few things around so it’s not a direct copy, this is a pretty sound business move but sadly what happens is that we see alot of cross over and a lack of innovation.

Netflix has really been a pioneer when it comes to funding, creating and marketing new shows, the latest one I’ve tuned into is called the Queens gambit which is about a female chess player that is an orphan, someone teachers her to play chess and she starts to play in tournaments, she wins lots of matches and becomes obsessed with the game, I really enjoy the setting as it appears to be set in the 1950s which always makes things much more entertaining to see how the world was back then.

One of the best ways to attract a new audience is to simply listen to what they want but sometimes you need to take a gamble and promote some shows or movies that might not register with the mainstream, I feel like movies in 1999 such as fight club and the matrix had this vibe that really hasn’t been repeated since, there was alot of freedom in those days to put out a slightly odd movie and see what happened, sometimes you’d just break even on a movie at the cinemas but make good money on DVD sales which would recoup the investment.

Either way I am once again enjoying watching TV shows and movies, it hasn’t always been this way as sometimes I just can’t get excited and continue to watch things that can’t keep me hooked in, I want something to explore and keep a good pacing like breaking bad, hopefully netflix will also continue on its journey of doing good biopics and documentaries as I am starting to enjoy these move than movies.

How to improve at any task

There are plenty of things that are available online now that would enable you to become a better person, with so many adults they have a fear of being exposed as not being good at certain things but there are so many options now that you can do in the comfort of your own home that will enable you to become better at something, doing these tasks is really critical when you are in a situation and feel helpless.

Many things in life can be improved on but many adults are stuck in their ways of thinking, they think that life ends when you grow up and get responsibilities and a job when in reality that can just be the start if you want it to be, it seems to me that many of them give up quickly because adult life is situated around money and so many people only value money instead of improving as a person.

To improve at something in life you need a framework with which to use in order to focus on, you take a task and divide up into small bitesized pieces and then you get better at each one of these, normally you need to practice at least 1 hour per day but as you get further and further into your tasks this number has got to go up.

I have always liked the idea that if you focus on something and do it often enough then you tend to improve on it but you also need to focus on what is the weakness and what are you not good at and focus on realizing that this may need more hours, certain activities just come naturally to some people and others require more time to become good.

Expand your strengths

Many people never focus enough energy on finding out what their strengths are, they simply don’t put much stock into figuring out what they are best at in life and then learning to sell that to others, value is created by a huge expansion in looking at what you can do to improve the lives of others by offering up your strength.

I often see many people trying to improve weakness or working on their own self perceived flaws but to be honest doing this often results in being average at best, it’s better to become superman than it is to be just over average in many categories in my opinion.

When you evaluate yourself you really need to take a good look at yourself and its vastly important to be honest, no one else has to look at your self evaluation so now is the time to be as honest as you can and look at what your good at, maybe come up with a score out of 10 for each of your traits and decide where to put all of your energy and focus on and just do that for the next 10 years.

You can’t be liked by every body but what you can be is the best version of yourself, you can also take stock of others and decide that you want to avoid what they are strong in and instead compete on what they are weak in, this is the classic teaching of the art of war.

The power of the mind

One thing I’ve learned lately is that the power of the mind cannot be understated, it’s vastly important to keep a positive outlook on life so that you can have many happy experiences, sometimes that can be very difficult because there are so many times that health issues, financial pressures or just day to day tiredness can really interfere with your model of the world.

In todays day and age its very easy to get swamped with negative thoughts, there is so much content in the world today that we spend hours and hours of it burning in on negative energy instead of building up our reserves of positive energy and really creating a better world for ourselves and others, with things like youtube and podcasts its never been easier to tap into motivational content and get something positive to listen to, sadly most don’t take the option and would rather watch very negative news.

Back in my younger years I would always listen to Tony Robbins tapes and for me it would be a great escape from my reality which was pretty much not matching up with my potential, at that time I didn’t realize the power of action and just thought if I listen to enough motivational topics then I would have a tonne of success, sadly the world doesn’t work like that and often times we miss out critical pieces of the puzzle.

One of the ways that we really have to harness the power of our mind is by programming it with positive thoughts on a daily basis, meditation is great for this but so is coming up with easy to understand and simple formulas, one of such ways is to build your own model and include things that are important to your overall process.

It seems like these days everyone has some kind of “on ramp” for work and “switch off” mode for winding down at the end of the day, it seems to me that you need to create a model for both ends of the spectrum, lately meditation has been very useful but I also work with count down timers and background music, my model is B.A.R which is that beliefs dictate actions which create results.

We don’t always get a second chance

Sometimes in life you don’t get a second chance but each mistake is a learning lesson that can be used in the future, when we think about all the mistakes we have made in life its actually quite simple for us to learn how to fix them, we learn our lessons and store those mistakes from our failures so that we can carry them forward and move up higher in life.

When you fail to learn from your mistakes it becomes very clear that you are destined to repeat them over and over again, we need to gain access to information and store it in our mind so that when we encounter the same problem in the future we already know a solution.

In this day and age I can see many people making the same mistakes over and over in life, when you analyse what went wrong you can see patterns of behavior that crop up time and time again, this is likely because the person who is making the mistake simply can’t see how their own behavior keeps leading them down the same path over and over again, if they can’t recognize the pattern then they can’t stop and plug in a new behavior.

I think many people have regrets in life and some of them never learn from mistakes, we see alot of people dying alone because they shut the world out and made the same mistakes over and over again until it was too late to say sorry, sometimes its wise to take a step back and rewire our own behavior, a therapist is a good place to start as they can often identify the same patterns that you are using to set yourself up for failure, once you have someone to point it out to you then you can begin to work on it.

Analysis paralysis

Analysis paralysis is what happens when you spend too long on your research tasks and not enough time putting them into action, it seems like these days everyone is more focused on learning more and more and not so much on getting some skin in the game and correcting course as they go along, it seems these days many people are afraid of losing or doing something wrong, everyone is happy just to cruise along and take a long time to make a choice.

In this day and age what you must do is to take a look at what you want to master and then learn just enough so that you can implement and take action, what you need to do then is to take a step back and figure out whats working and whats not working, most business owners simply can’t find the time to figure out how they are making money and as a result they never really push the best selling products or even know what products or brands to heavily feature.

When you think about what holds people back its mainly due to lack of action and not a lack of education, most people already know what they need to do but convince themselves they need to know more, as a result they often spend years and years spending money on courses, signing up to free seminars and basically spinning their wheels, they need to focus on one task and make sure that they keep reinvesting back into it year after year, without doing this they will not make any progress at all.

It seems to be that happens is so many people try to do everything all at once instead of taking it in stages, for example is there really a need to have business cards if you haven’t even made a sale yet? After all what company is going to survive if it can’t even sell anything, selling things is the lifeblood of all business.

Small changes create big results

You never know when a small or slight change can create a big shift or result, I’ve always said 100 little changes can make a huge different to your results which is why you should always analyse what you are doing and see how you can be making improvements.

Making improvements every year no matter how slowly can seem very difficult but eventually they really start to pay off and if you keep compounding them then over time you really see a huge leap year upon year, we need to focus on improvement and creating value for others, once you learn how to create value it becomes very easy and you never need to “sell” yourself.

Having experience is really the key to modern day business and careers, you need to show that you can solve problems that companies or businesses are currently having and having a few years under your belt of doing this really creates a vast amount of value for others, it is a good demonstration that you can create wealth and have a good understanding of what problems the firm is likely to face in the future, knowing the roadmap is critical.

If you think about small changes in a vacuum or as a single entity its quite strange how insignificant they can seem but when put in the correct context they make a huge difference, if Amazon changes the colour of its buy now button it may increase its website conversion rate by 0.01% which is nothing but when its done over 10 million purchases it amounts to an awful lot of money.

This is a great example of being plugged in to the bigger picture and the power of making small changes.

Trying new things

Sometimes we need to try new things in order to appreciate being alive, one of the things I value most in life is to watch DVD movies, I’ve always enjoyed films because they allow some time to escape for a few hours, sometimes life can get pretty tedious and it’s not always a great time, sometimes its very stressful to watch over numbers and then to worry about tomorrow or next month.

When you pick up new habits and give new things a try out it seems like you finally appreciate living, this is likely because most people get stuck in the same routine for many years and often times don’t even realize that they are stuck, you have to have a break inbetween working to really have some time to appreciate life and smell the roses.

In todays fast paced environment it can seem impossible to catch a break and to actually get enough time to do all the things that you need to get done, seems like for most people the to-do list grows longer every single year, there is never enough time to get things done and there is never a good time to do it!

Sometimes its best to admit defeat and just have a scheduled holiday or just a day at the weekend when you do whatever you want without having to work or even check emails, sometimes we are still glued to the screen even on our days off, we need to check back in with ourselves again and start to include hobbies that don’t revolve around technology.

Change starts today

It’s very difficult to change your life once you have gone down a certain path for so long, it seems like many people seem to get stuck in a rut and it becomes virtually impossible to get out of it, I think this is due to staying in a comfort zone for so long that its like trying to dig yourself out of quick sand – difficult!

I think the best thing to do is to take stock of your life and realize that what you have done has got you to this level, its a direct result of not stopping and realizing that maybe you have picked the wrong model, when you realize that nothing is going to change then its time to start moving on with your life and doing something else, change your habits and you can change your life.

Looking back over life I can now see that there have been plenty of things I could have done differently but what we are attempting to do is to change things around and improve them, sometimes that means veering off course for a number of years before you can pull yourself onto the right track again and get moving in the right direction.

Most people struggle with life because its very difficult to win, just when you start getting ahead there are many things that come in and interfere with the process, we need alot of time in order to build up a legacy and get moving into the right direction, sometimes we need to work harder but sometimes we need to stop what we are doing and just admit that its not going to work out and try something else.

How far can we go – a limitless mindset

There are plenty of reasons why we would want to build a business or a strong career and one of them is based around the fact that we need money to start a family or even to provide for ourselves, part of the game is in learning your craft and the other part is in learning how to get paid for doing so, first we must learn to add very large value for others and then ask to get paid a smaller amount.

When you ask for big money you need to be providing a huge amount of value to the customer or the person that pays your wages, we need to change our mindset to rebuild our economy and in order to do that we need to go back to the old model and start providing value to others at the start of our journey, when we focus too much on money we shortcut the process and we don’t leave a lasting legacy for the people we work for.

Being frugal with money is always a wise idea but I think reinvesting back into your career or business has to be a top mission at the start, you won’t get anywhere in life unless you invest in yourself so that you can learn more and get deeper into the game, in order to win the game you must have made plenty of mistakes and also you must take a look at where you want to be in 5 to 10 years time.

If you aim to be the best at anything then its going to take plenty of time, in order to be the absolute best it may take you the rest of your life to do so, having some patience in this day and age is very difficult but it doesn’t take long to build wealth thanks to the internet and online systems, they can supply a huge amount of leverage and grow very quickly if you understand how to work them effectively.

We need to go back to older ways of thinking and take our time, stop chasing quick money and learn first to add value, be patient and continue to work hard for those who pay us, we want to build value that lasts for a very long time instead of just a short term fix.