Leaving a lasting legacy

With the recent death of DMX and Prince Phillip it’s becoming more clear that the goal of your life is always to be building a lasting legacy, that means you can use your platform to do good in the world which is what remains after your gone, regardless of how far you make it in any industry you can give so much value to others when you dedicate yourself to your craft and focus on giving value away to as many people as possible.

I’ve always thought the issue with the modern world is too many people value fame and money as a measure of success and not enough people value being a decent person and doing good for others or even focusing on how to improve themselves so that they can become a better person for society, too many people are focused on just getting money but sadly that leads to an endless chase where you always need or want more and there is no focus on bringing value into the lives of others.

As a singer you always have a huge leverage point when it comes to lasting legacy, your songs can be heard for hundreds of years and can be brought up at any point in time when someone wants to remember that song, for certain people hearing a song triggers memories and great emotions or they even remember the stage of life they where going through when they first heard the song, it really is a marker for a passage of time and can bring about strong feelings of nostalgia.

For many business men they are often very analytical and money focused, the most successful business men are ones that focus on the customer first and give the market what it asks for, a business is about fulfilling happiness and needs for other people, not for the business owner, it’s a common mistake that many owners make which is not establishing a need for their product or service, if you want to stay in business you must focus on the lives of others and how you can help improve them in exchange for them giving you money.

Time for a change

One of the biggest things in life or business is accepting when its time for a new start or a fresh new look, in life that can mean keeping your home or office up to date with the latest equipment or design techniques, when it comes to business I always think that it’s very wise to keep your shop up to date with a fresh modern look because it sets up a perception that you are taking care of your business and moving with the times, the latest bar with a clean toilet setup is almost always a huge hit in any town or city in England and the main reason is because people like to go to a place that they can tell has had money and time invested into it whereas most bars are old and have poor quality toilet facilities, perception is reality in business.

Part of growth in life is learning all about new things and methods that you can use to improve yourself and your life, learning is a very overlooked part of any process and requires hours upon hours of studying your moves and analyzing which way to turn, often times we are lost in life because we don’t do enough self reflection and that is the main tool required to make real and lasting progress, we cannot move forward without first making mistakes and correcting course, this is where is critical to have patience and accept that things can take years or decades before they pan out, have some faith in the process and continue down the road.

Its said that it takes 30 days of action in order to train for a new habit that will last a lifetime, this is a great framework to start with because it builds discipline but also makes the stakes pretty easy, you get alot of reprogramming from the brain when you adopt these methods because what happens is that you pick up new ways of thinking and have a timed ritual that delivers results, sometimes you get those within a month but other times its enough to just do the actions and collect data, one thing is for sure and that is this……..when you start down a new road you must go far enough down it before you want to decide to turn back, at the start of the road you have no idea whats down it but once you get so far in you’ll know if you want to turn back or continue.

Inputting the right stuff

Doing more of the right stuff is the fastest way to victory and often times the most ignored route to it aswell, to many people try to get clever or more creative instead of focusing on the data that shows what already works or what has worked before, for example if you have a football team the fastest and easiest way to get more points on the board is to analyse all your previous matches and look at how you score goals, one of the ways that the England team score lots of goals is from set pieces and this is usually due to the fact that we are great passers of the ball but not a fast or tall team, set pieces play right along side our strengths as a team so focusing on these is a good idea to win more games and do it quickly.

Part of the process of getting to discovering the right moves is by focusing on analysis, sometimes when you start a brand new project you can often times get off track or invest money into it and have it fail, sometimes those failures may last for years or even decades before you discover a winning formula but if you are willing to fail and invest time, effort and money into your project then this is a huge commitment, learning from failure is the only way to get valuable data that is required to put together a good plan for moving forward, in order to win you simply have to pay attention to what works and what doesn’t, to improve you must reinvest in the areas that you have strength in and disregard your weak areas, either work on improving them or just focus on your strengths and turn them into a super power.

Failure is always the most available option and I’d go so far to say that 90% of all actions result in failure, its so difficult to understand just how much of a rigged game that life can be sometimes but that’s why its so valuable when you find a winning effort because you then have that model that you can use over and over again, this is why its so difficult to succeed in business but when you do you tend to go on to even more success, finding a good formula destroys alot of people because they are simply not used to that much pressure or having to have so much patience in order to win, most of life is pretty easy because you always have answers or have known someone with experience, with business that is not always the case.

Simple changes for lasting results

One of the basic reasons why diets don’t work is that they set the mental frame work as “temporary” – you are either on a diet or not on a diet and after that diet is done you just go straight back to eating which is why so many people put weight back on and then they go back time and time again to a different diet and repeat the same cycle over and over, at times they achieve a look they want but not all the time.

One of the key things I’ve learned in life is to look at things as a long term investment which also includes you and your personal life, you simply need long term strategies if you want to stick with the process long enough to see good results, anything short term may create a spike but certainly doesn’t create real lasting change.

When you view your lifestyle as more of a long term thing then its actually much easier to create long term plans and to do so slowly, basically meaning you can work on something over the long term to make it into a habit that is easy to adapt to, when you pick up enough momentum its very easy to see positive results, things build on top of each other and you get residual benefits.

I’ve recently started to look at savings and just how much you can save per year by taking £10, 15, 20 off your take home pay and keep it in a separate account, it’s very easy to do so and before long with enough months and years of actions you really start to see how easy it is to get ahead and plan for the future, instead of just spending everything you earn you start to think about how high your savings account could get by the end of the year, it gets very exciting to see that number going up and up and realizing that you actions are causing a positive effect, once you get the basics down and build it into a habit you can modify things and start savings more money per month.

Lasting results often times come when you make something a lifestyle choice, when you do this you do away with crash diets, get rich quick schemes and poor choices in dating partners, being willing to take your time and find the right way of doing things is something that is very much overlooked in the modern world which only seems to value speed and short term thinking which is why most of the country is overweight, broke and continuing to make poor lifestyle choices for their health and themselves.

Almost time for the vaccine

We are now drawing much closer to vaccine time and there has never been a long wait then to get this problem sorted, we have seen so many people suffering the effects of lockdown on both mental health and financial situations, we are seeing every day life go by the way side and become more and more shut down, it will be great to get the world back to normal again and the vaccine is our best hope of doing so and being able to reopen the world again.

Being closed off from friends and family has brought about many changes for people but perhaps the worst change is simply becoming more lonely, we are now aware of just how important it is to be surrounded by friends and family and to make sure we have some support networks available so that we can cope with isolation, thankfully platforms like Zoom and Skype have been keeping us connected when we can’t see anyone face to face which is an ok solution but long term we simply need to have face to face interactions and rebuild our circles.

It’s likely we will see some big changes in the world as a result of this lockdown but there has never been a better time than now to start rebuilding your life and putting out some positive habits, it’s also a good time to check in with your friends and make sure they are doing ok, a quick message every so often to let them know you are thinking about them is sometimes just enough to keep them going in difficult situations.

After the vaccine has been rolled out we can take part in the normal aspects of life as normal and hopefully put 2020/21 behind us, we can start to rebuild the economy and get people back to work again, we can reopen the pubs and clubs and people can mix and chat or even just meet up at a hobby club and enjoy talking to each other again.

2020 has been a very strange year but there is light on the horizon and we can bring about good times yet again, we can focus on the now and enjoy every moment of freedom that we used to take for granted including being able to go to your favorite shop without wearing masks and also enjoying a takeaway without needing to order it online.

Tapering off bad habits

One concept that I have recently been learning about is that in order to get rid of bad habits you must gradually decrease them over time, after doing some studying on business I have always enjoyed the kaizen principle of gradual improvement over time and in this case it seems to be the reverse of that – basically making small changes to get rid of negative patterns and behaviors.

One thing that seems to be the most difficult for many people is accepting just how many bad habits we pick up over the years, almost everyone starts off the new year with the same old “new year new me” idea but few actually put it into action and have a plan to change their lives for the better, one of the ways you can do this is by routinely taking stock of your life and noting down your day to day behavior to figure out how you can make improvements.

Many new years resolutions revolve around health and fitness, normally people start diets and quit, the behavior doesn’t take because the new routine is 100%, all out commitment, no pain no gain, a complete overhaul of your normal routine, these may last in the short term but never last long term as the rapid change is too much for the brain to cope with – in short when you have had habits built over 10 years there is only a very small chance that you can change those within 10 days.

Making small changes over a long time scale is actually a very sound strategy and one that is likely to yield a much higher success rate, I call this “the gradual phase in” which means that you adopt brand new behaviors slowly, you make incremental shifts over time and keep plugging away at it, when you do this over years you will end up at a very high bench mark.

Mental hunger – what is it

After recently watching the latest UFC event I can see that alot of the fighters may have the technical side of things down but sadly they don’t have the mental hunger that is required to be an elite level performer, you can’t really teach this level of hunger but the great news is that there is a wide amount of things you can to train your brain to work and think differently, a work ethic is one thing but it’s another thing entirely to get your mind motivated and working at full speed over many years, the mind is normally the first thing to go.

To cultivate a strong work ethic you must be right mentally and also have alot of physical energy, this means you must invest heavily into keeping both your body and mind sound if you want to have enough long term staying power to create a lasting legacy, it’s all about trying to stay in the game for as long as possible but also understanding that things come and go and its normally due to the person in charge changing in some way.

You owe it to yourself to invest heavily into both your health and also your wellbeing, so few people actually do this it’s crazy, even elite level workaholics never give alot of time to workout out or things like meditation and positive thinking, it’s possible they think that doing more work is always a better move than taking time out but it happens quite often that people with this mentally normally burn out, you can only run for so long before you tire out, having some staying power is critical in todays world as trends come and go very easily.

One thing you can use to motivate yourself is by looking at your lasting legacy, when you own a business and others are relying on you then it’s added pressure but also an added bonus, if you have enough strong people around you then it’s easy to stay motivated, they will keep you sharp and even assist you to become stronger, having some like minded people around you will always spur you on to achieve greater and greater heights, sometimes we can draw inspiration from many different places.

Finding sources of mental inspiration can come from anywhere, for example its amazing how better at things people perform when they are in “the zone” – this basically means to be focused and switched on, getting in the zone is tough and some days you are just not capable of summoning the mental energy required to go at full speed ahead but most winners know this, they tend to work even harder during times they are feeling right and push through when times are tough, that is the key to getting things done – aim for small improvements over time.

The best thing you can do for your brain is focus on diet and getting in the right nutrition, losing weight also helps as you really need alot of energy to even feel right mentally, getting fit is a great step to take but also lifting weights will help you to understand the mindset required to win, if you lift weights it can take you to a very simple place mentally where there is only you and the weight to worry about, it can shift your focus and help you be more positive.

Long distance running is also another great physical activity that can boost you up a little mentally, the reason for this is simply because when things get tough on your run you learn very quickly to power through and that the bad times wont last, eventually you’ll get your air back and you can go back at it again, this is a key thing you need to remember in order to succeed in the long term – focus on doing the right things and scale them up over time.

Motivation does not last but installing the right kinds of habits will, you need to find the winning formula for you personally and then run with it, going deeper and deeper into the game will require more and more energy, you will need a tonne of reserves to give it your absolute best and that requires pushing harder than ever before.

Limitless potential – do we all have it?

Limitless potential is something that I believe every human has, the only issue just how much of our potential we can tap into, normally what happens is that at the start of the journey there is huge desire to win, normally due to the fact that money is very very important in the modern world, without it you cannot solve problems and you cannot gain power and knowledge, you must first take an honest look at the reason you started on your journey and if that reason is money you often wont be able to maintain the hunger.

Limitless potential is about requiring the best out of yourself, when you truly look back over your life you can pat yourself on the back knowing you did your absolute best and that all the effort you put in and the many hours of sweat equity that was required to win have brought you to the top of your game, on your death bed you get the satisfaction of knowing you did your best not just for other people but also for yourself, you owe it to yourself to give all your energy to the whole and create new ideas for other people to use, in many ways at the start of any business people focus on money instead of focusing on what really matters which is VALUE, when you chase money it tends not to pan out but chasing value is always going to work in the term in any industry, when you add value to the lives of others on a daily basis you will always make money.

Being truly obsessed with all aspects of the game is something that elite level players already know and love, they are people that are obsessed with thinking about anything related to their industry and often times this is why they are quick to react to many obstacles that happen down the tracks, this is because they pre-empt them and gain first mover advantage over the competition, in many cases if you are leader within the field then you can start to make changes that will affect the rest of the field which is why it’s never a wise move to copy the competition but seek to gain and understanding of what metrics they are focusing on and focus on the same ones.

I think the best in the field are the ones that chase the dream of being at the top of the pyramid, being in the top tier of something and then work day in and day out all day on whatever they have as an asset, knowing your abilities and your strengths, you need to analyse every move you make and think about the long term value that you are creating in both your business and also in the minds of your customers, having a good long term plan is super valuable in the world that only values short term gains.

In order to be a winner and elevate yourself to the upper tier in life you really must have a tonne of mental energy, I believe this is critical as its a strong ROI investment to look at your mental state and understand how it plays into your daily hustle, sometimes we are not even aware at how much our mental state is effecting our work, we have to want to win and after we start winning we have to be aware that most of our motivation is going to take a dive, after you’ve knocked out every competition how will you maintain your competitive edge and not get lazy and complacent if you already have more than enough money to retire?

The answer is to have a strong mental frame and have a desire to stay at the top for many many years, instead of working less and being happy with what you have you simply must work alot harder, squeeze more hours of work and more productive work out of each minute of the day, this is a very hard thing to do but its how winners perform at the top level, some one is always at your back and trying to over take you so at this point you must outwork and out think them which is not always easy.

Trying out a new TV show

One of the things I enjoy doing in my spare time is watching TV shows, netflix for me has been really great because it brings so many interesting and diverse shows that we wouldn’t normally get to see on regular TV.

I figured out earlier on that most regular TV shows have the same issues, they tend to copy whatever works with other channels, so you have one show thats a smash hit on a channel and then the other channel keeps the same formula but changes a few things around so it’s not a direct copy, this is a pretty sound business move but sadly what happens is that we see alot of cross over and a lack of innovation.

Netflix has really been a pioneer when it comes to funding, creating and marketing new shows, the latest one I’ve tuned into is called the Queens gambit which is about a female chess player that is an orphan, someone teachers her to play chess and she starts to play in tournaments, she wins lots of matches and becomes obsessed with the game, I really enjoy the setting as it appears to be set in the 1950s which always makes things much more entertaining to see how the world was back then.

One of the best ways to attract a new audience is to simply listen to what they want but sometimes you need to take a gamble and promote some shows or movies that might not register with the mainstream, I feel like movies in 1999 such as fight club and the matrix had this vibe that really hasn’t been repeated since, there was alot of freedom in those days to put out a slightly odd movie and see what happened, sometimes you’d just break even on a movie at the cinemas but make good money on DVD sales which would recoup the investment.

Either way I am once again enjoying watching TV shows and movies, it hasn’t always been this way as sometimes I just can’t get excited and continue to watch things that can’t keep me hooked in, I want something to explore and keep a good pacing like breaking bad, hopefully netflix will also continue on its journey of doing good biopics and documentaries as I am starting to enjoy these move than movies.

How to improve at any task

There are plenty of things that are available online now that would enable you to become a better person, with so many adults they have a fear of being exposed as not being good at certain things but there are so many options now that you can do in the comfort of your own home that will enable you to become better at something, doing these tasks is really critical when you are in a situation and feel helpless.

Many things in life can be improved on but many adults are stuck in their ways of thinking, they think that life ends when you grow up and get responsibilities and a job when in reality that can just be the start if you want it to be, it seems to me that many of them give up quickly because adult life is situated around money and so many people only value money instead of improving as a person.

To improve at something in life you need a framework with which to use in order to focus on, you take a task and divide up into small bitesized pieces and then you get better at each one of these, normally you need to practice at least 1 hour per day but as you get further and further into your tasks this number has got to go up.

I have always liked the idea that if you focus on something and do it often enough then you tend to improve on it but you also need to focus on what is the weakness and what are you not good at and focus on realizing that this may need more hours, certain activities just come naturally to some people and others require more time to become good.