Sony mdr xb600 review

41t0SqanAJL._SL1000_Sadly these headphones don’t appear to be the absolute best but sometimes you just need some cheaper ones that will do the job, these are from the Sony brand which normally produces a vast amount of quality but in this case after reading the online reviews it looks to me like they have let us down on this product.

One of the biggest issues is that the pads are very uncomfortable which sucks for people like me who enjoy gaming, working from home and of course watching funny youtube videos, for this you need a good set of headphones that are comfortable and won’t hurt your ears.

The sound quality is also pretty rubbish, sounds very tinny and not very clear so don’t expect much, the price range is pretty high also but I have to admit that I love the design, having another pair of Sony headphones myself I can see the appeal because they are really strong which good for me since I always tend to end up standing on them (whoops!).

I guess the biggest issue here is the ability to be able to afford these and to put your trust in the online reviews which have been mostly negative about this model but maybe you should try it out and see for yourself?




What do you do when the chips are down?

Almost everyone wants some kind of break in life but you can’t really grow as a person unless you explore the things that you fear, part of doing so is being a grown up and expecting yourself to deliver the best that you possibly can even when conditions are far from perfect.

Sometimes in life things don’t always go to plan and its ok to learn from your mistakes so you never make them again which is really the whole adult process and things that allow you to learn from past mistakes and leave your ego at the door.

Today I learned a hard lesson that sometimes things are just beyond your control and the only thing you can do is turn up to the game and play the best you can, often times others don’t see the value in what you are producing and at that stage you can either quit or increase your value to others, at some point you have to accept that maybe you are either not good enough and need to improve or people have unrealistic expectations which is again beyond your control.

So I guess the biggest question in life is are you able to work on the things you can control or is it all just a total random event and things happen by luck and chance, I personally believe that the more you work and put things out into the world the better chance you have of someone seeing the value and giving you what you want, a statement of intention is really a powerful thing in this world.

So the goal for today is really to start pushing out more things into the world and start making progress by solving problems, building relationships and dedicating yourself to improving your craft, it really is a worthwhile payoff to be making strides in your field by working on the core areas of improvement, maybe this means doing some work for free for a while so you can learn the ropes, maybe it means starting from scratch on a new product or maybe it means getting to know people in the office who can open doors for you, either way there is always something to work on.


A long way to the top

To me it seems almost impossible to get to the top of your industry without some kind of sacrifice, often times it may mean long hours and lonely nights which leaves behind those who are not dedicated to winning, for me its vastly important to learn as much as you can by trial and error, put simply you should be failing and then reworking your strategy.

To be honest the value in losing is really being on step closer to winning and discovering which part of the process you need to fix in order to have a much more complete level of game, only the elite level players are willing to put in the hours that is needed to be king of the jungle.

Like most things in life you can really tell who has put in the work and who was hoping to skate by on doing the bare minimum amount for the win, you have to remember that new players may enter your industry at any time and as a result you really need to be working even harder than when you started out, staying at the top requires more effort than getting to the top.

Results always seem to follow when you put in the hours on the right actions, sometimes people can work 18 hours a day but never see a result, this is normally where they discover a fault in the process and should correct course, this is what seperates a winner from a loser.

You need to start breaking down your process to multiple levels of work ethic and each seperate section will create brand new learnings and directly effect the other level most of the time, almost nothing in life occurs in complete isolation so learn to figure out how to deliver a better result by reworking your original assumptions and making sure each part of your process is as high quality as it can be.

Bottled Water for the winter

I really enjoy some nice bottled water, especially in the summer time as you can just leave it the fridge to get nice and cold, one of my favourite drinks in the summer time is some fresh innocent smoothies, they are rather expensive but I guess sometimes you have to pay for good quality stuff.

I suppose most of you reading this are well aware of my addiction to fizzy drinks like Pepsi and Coke but I’m trying to cut back and drink more water, these days it’s about taking in the good stuff and trying to replace all my bad habits, however some days it’s a struggle.

I have always enjoyed walking but lately I barely get out into the fresh air due to various issues, it’s a shame as this weather is my favourite time of year because it’s almost always so calm and relaxing – which for me is one of the most important things that you can have in life.

I think one of the best ways to appreciate life is to stop what you are doing every once in a while and really look at the direction your life is going, are you happy? are you moving forward or just marking time and making little progress?

It’s incredibly difficult to be content in this life time because there is always greener grass but appreciating what you do have in life is something that I have certainly done more of this year.

I am thinking about buying a new apple mac laptop because after I browsed on Amazon I found them to be very cheap and almost at the point of too good to be true price points, although they are certainly not fast I only really need a computer that will run youtube and browse the net with decent battery life, win-win for mac.

I have always wanted to have a multiple monitor set up but I think it will need to wait for a while because they are actually quite expensive and have a few issues unless you have a very powerful PC to run them, I have the desk space but my PC is a few years old now, could really do with an upgrade.

It’s looking like I’ll be getting some new work on soon so maybe I will just save up and go with a decent set up as it’s something that I spend so much time on it’s probably a worthwhile investment for me.





I like to loop

One of my favourite ideas is based around Youtube – once I found out that you can loop songs it become much easier to keep repeating the song that I most liked, this can be very annoying for people who still think you have to hit the play button over and over again, oddly enough I had no idea youtube even had a loop feature.

It always comes in handy now because of the way I do my work late at night, although I am often awake at the keyboard due to caffiene intake I can honestly say sometimes I need to load up a decent playlist to get the motivation rolling and along with that goes headphones and sometimes even a spare laptop screen to load up episodes of House and other TV shows that I like.

I think it quite difficult not to multi task in this world because our brain can easily get distracted and go off course – I like to also watch some old wrestling matches on the WWE Network because to me it brings me back to my childhood and I can also catch up one many of the newer PPVs.

I’ve also recently taken up a new TV show called the wire which seems to have plenty of fans and is very interesting looking at police work, I just wish I could see the return of the walking dead or another good show that has the same level of anticipation but sometimes you just have to see what interests you.

I have been considering lately about getting a new guitar and learning how to play, I really need a hobby as my current interests almost always extend around working on my computer, I need to get out more so I was thinking about getting a guitar and starting lessons.